Colorbond® Zincalume® sheeting

Brand: Colorbond

Product description

COLORBOND® Ultrasteel has been specifically designed to combine long-term durability and excellent corrosion resistance.

With the development of the Next Generation Zincalume® coating, COLORBOND® sheeting has significantly improved its product lifetime performance.

Furthermore, Profilage® proposes COLORBOND® sheeting in Thermatech® Solar Reflectance paint technology. This technology helps to reflect solar heat to reduce peak roof temperature, thus contributing to better thermal comfort inside a building. There is a direct energy cooling down annual costs savings. You will find the Thermatech® colour range on our Colour palette.

PROFILE 820 & 760 sheeting specifications
Material COLORBOND® Ultra Steel
Source BlueScope Steel
Steel Grade G320
Thickness Total Coated Thickness (TCT): 0.56, 0.63 and 0.75mm. TCT excludes the primer and paint coatings.
Galvanized coating Zincalume® AM150 and AZ150
Paint coating ± 25µ/10µ
Colours See our colour palette
Paint system Superior polyester
Thermatech© colours 11 available (see our colour palette)
Effective covering width Profile 820 - Effective covering width : 815 mm
Profile 760 - Effective covering width : 769 mm


La tôle à 4 côtes (Profil 820)
Profil 760

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Available colors

Dimension (L x W x H) 18 x 18 x 12 Inch
Weight 220 Gram