Polycarbonate sheeting

Brand : Colorbond

Product description

ONDUCLAIR ® polycarbonate sheeting is a solution designed for natural lighting with excellent light transmission and durable optical properties. The ONDUCLAIR ® range is exceptionally lightweight yet stress-resistant and is practically unbreakable under normal use.

PROFILE 820 (G 3-327-39) sheeting specifications & schematic
Material Polycarbonate
Source Onduclair France
Thicknesses 0.8 & 1.00 mm
Finish Crystal & Opalin
Light transmission Crystal (90%) and Opalin (46%)
Lengths Up to 10 m (32.8ft)
Profiles PROFILE 820 (G 3-327-39): Effective covering width – 815mm
PROFILE 760 (PO 112): Effective covering width – 980mm



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Available colors

Dimension (L x W x H) 18 x 18 x 12 Inch
Weight 220 Gram