Lames de clôture

Product description

Lames de clôtures is a chic and esthetic solution to secure residential houses.

With the use of the COLORBOND® sheeting which we have folded in Profilage® factory, Lames de clôtures have the same durability and resistance to corrosion as our roof sheeting.

Profilage® proposes Lames de clôtures sheeting in 26 colours.

You will find the colour range on our Colour palette.

Lames de cloture specifications
Material COLORBOND® Ultra Steel – Zincalume® AM150
Source BlueScope Steel Australia
Steel Grade G320
Thickness Total Coated Thickness (TCT): 0.56 only. TCT excludes the primer and paint coatings.
Galvanized coating Zincalume® AM150 
Paint coating ± 25µ/10µ
Colours See our colour palette
Dimensions 80 mm x up to 2m height


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Dimension (L x W x H) 0 x 0 x 0
Weight 0